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chat_bytes_podcast_itunesPodcast interviews with leading prospect research professionals and others

Prospect research professionals share their stories, tips, and commentary on topics that affect our fundraising work and our lives. We also sneak in guests from outside our field to shake up our perspective on fundraising and prospect research.

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18 | #CareerCurious Telecommuting: Prospect Research from the Home Office

2017 | Sandra Kent, Charity Tubalado, and Lara Arlan-Wier share their tips and stories about telecommuting as prospect research professionals.

17 | Keeping it Real in the Era of Click Bait

2017 | Marcus Banks, librarian and journalist, focuses our attention on information integrity.

16 | Hiring and Managing Great Prospect Researchers

2017 | Leigh Petersen shares hot tips on recruiting researchers and becoming a prospect research manager.

15 | #CareerCurious series featuring Jason Briggs

2017 | Jason shares his career story and his passion for fundraising and prospect research as an employee, volunteer, and now at a consultant firm.

14 | A Book Story: Prospect Research in Canada

2017 | Tracey Church is the Founding Principal of Tracey Church and Associates and co-editor of Prospect Research in Canada, An Essential Guide for Researchers and Fundraisers.

13 | #CareerCurious series featuring Jo Theodosopoulos

2017 | Jo shares what it’s like to be a prospect research professional at a community foundation.

12 | #CareerCurious series featuring Chris Mildner

2017 | Chris shares what it’s like to be a prospect researcher in a healthcare organization.

11 | Data Discussion: Filter Bubble, Privacy, and More

2017 | Martin O’Donoghue shares tips on avoiding the filter bubble and collecting and using data practically and ethically.

10 | #CareerCurious series featuring Susan Hayes-McQueen

2017 | Susan shares what it’s like to be an extrovert who loves working with people and data, and her story about building a prospect management program.

9 | #CareerCurious series featuring Lisa Howley

2017 | Lisa shares what it’s like to be a manager and a compensation savvy woman in the prospect research and advancement services fields.

8 | Conversation with Tim Horton, a venture capitalist

2017 | Tim Horton shares the journey he took to becoming a venture capitalist as well as his perspectives on investing and on philanthropy.

7 | #CareerCurious series featuring Craig Belanger

2017 | Craig shares what it’s like to be a prospect research professional at the same university for 13 years.

6 | #CareerCurious series featuring Stephen Lambert PhD

2016 | Stephen shares what it’s like to make a career leap from teaching and activism into prospect research and fundraising analytics.

5 | #CareerCurious series featuring Renee Teate

2016 | Renee shares what it’s like to become a data scientist, especially in the world of fundraising research.

4 | #CareerCurious series featuring Mark Koenig

2016 | Mark shares what it’s like to lead the Advancement Services Department.

3 | What About Women? Prospect Development from a Female Perspective

2015 | Preeti Gill answers questions about her published work What About Women? in which she writes about women, philanthropy and prospect research.

2 | Public Company Insiders and Fundraising – IRL Stories!

2015 | Anne Soulé tells a story about a company using a Dutch Auction initial public offering and how she was able to save the day for her university’s president.

1 | Buyouts, Inversions and Acquisitions, Oh My!

2015 | Darren Cooper answers questions about his blog post on inversions, including how he keeps up with insider prospects, free resources, keeps current in the field, and works with fundraisers.

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