Foundations in Fundraising Analytics

Are you worried that your organization is not using fundraising analytics? Frustrated trying to figure it out on your own?

Foundations_in_Fundraising_Analytics_course_iconThis course teaches you how to start using basic data mining techniques in Excel to  solve fundraising problems, such as finding the best prospects in your donor database,  comparing direct appeal results, or measuring donor retention.

In this course we take the fear out of analytics. By walking you through the terminology and techniques, step-by-step, and with lots of practice, you get comfortable with the data and how it ‘speaks’ to you.

Imagine the next time you are asked to present data on your donors and you show up with charts that demonstrate the kind of information that gets everyone in the room talking. Sure you will probably leave the meeting with even more questions to answer – but they will trust you to answer them. How awesome would that be?

You have the fundraising knowledge and basic skills – you just need to know how to put it all together with an industry-standard method.

You Will Learn

In this course you will…

  • Recognize how analytics solves fundraising problems and how to choose the right technique
  • Create a foundation of basic knowledge about variables and databases
  • Apply the CRISP-DM approach to solving problems
  • Use descriptive analytics to solve problems such as finding new prospects
  • Use comparative analytics to solve problems such as measuring donor retention
  • Present results persuasively, including the use of data visualization

This course was built by a team with more than twenty years in fundraising, prospect research, and fundraising analytics. Let us share our secrets for effective and easy to follow data mining methods with you.

Please note: This course is an introductory, beginner course designed for someone who is comfortable working in Excel and has some understanding of typical fundraising objectives. This course is NOT designed for individuals who have been using pivot tables, scoring files for RFM, or comfortable with multiple-step data analysis.

You Will Also Receive

Course Workbook

In addition to the course content, you will also receive these great resources:

  • Course workbook summarizing the video lectures and including a glossary of terms
  • CRISP-DM template you can adapt and use in your office
  • Fundraising Analytics online resource collection
  • Excel tips videos, including an introduction to pivot tables


Digital badge to use on sites such as LinkedIn for participants who successfully complete the course.

BONUS 2:  Participants who successfully complete the course receive one year of FREE membership in the Early Career Club, a private, online community for prospect research professionals building their careers.


Length of the Course

Registration Deadline: 30 Mar 2018 | Fri
Course Opens: 09 Apr 2018 | Mon
Orientation: 10 Apr 2018 | Tue | 1pm-2pm ET
Online Classes: 20 Apr 2018 | Fri
27 Apr 2018 | Fri
04 May 2018 | Fri
11 May 2018 | Fri
18 May 2018 | Fri
25 May 2018 | Fri
*All classes are 1-2pm ET
Live Chats:
25 Apr 2018 | Wed
16 May 2018 | Wed
30 May 2018 | Wed
*All chats are 12-1pm ET
Course Closes: 01 Jun 2018

Warning: Be prepared to spend an hour or more each weekday on homework plus the class time.


This course combines a learn-on-your-own, online classroom with live classes facilitated by an instructor. Called a “flipped” classroom, you watch the video lectures and do the homework, and then the class meets live on Fridays to review the homework and have discussion. The course includes:

  1. Short video lectures you watch on your own (videos are typically 5 to 20 minutes)
  2. Live, online class meetings for discussion and problem-solving (1 hour each)
  3. Live, online text chats for discussion and problem-solving (1 hour each)
  4. Workbook, homework, capstone project(s) and final quiz (plan on at least one hour a day)

You are a busy professional so we created a calendar guide with suggested dates for each piece of the program: video lectures, homework, reading, and class discussion. It’s an MS Word document that you can adjust to fit your schedule, and it works out to about an hour each day.

By combining self-study with live classroom discussion you get to ask an expert your questions and learn from fellow students. After each live class discussion the meeting notes and video recording are available on the classroom website. You can access all the course materials in the online classroom at any time and you will be asking and answering questions in the course forum (similar to an email group just for this course), which gets pushed right into your email inbox.

You can replay or home in on certain times of the video lectures, which are about 15 minutes and usually shorter. Short videos cover one concept or step-by-step instruction at a time and are easy to squeeze in wherever fits best in your schedule. The printed workbook summarizes the videos and has some additional information and practice exercises.

Filla0018sqAbout the Instructor

I’m Jennifer Filla, a Prospect Researcher and Fundraiser at Aspire Research Group LLC and co-author of Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook, part of the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series. I have been a member of AFP and APRA for more than ten years.

For more than five years I have been speaking and presenting at AFP and APRA meetings and conferences. The demand for clear instruction that can be applied immediately at the fundraising office led me to launch the Prospect Research Institute. I look forward to learning with you!

Read more about Jen.

Registration Fees (In U.S. Dollars)

$990 | Class size limited to 10 participants | Registration Deadline: 03/30/2018

Class Cancellation and Privacy Policies

NOTE: If the course does not reach a minimum of 5 participants it will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.

Expert Content Review Panel

  • Laura DiVincenzo, Associate Director, Prospect Management at University of Delaware
  • Ruthie Giles, Senior Researcher for Prospect Management at Mount Holyoke College
  • Zabrina Hannah, Relationship Management System Coordinator at Queen’s University
  • Emma Hinke, Senior Associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner
  • Susan Shebar Fioribello, President at PEAR Research Group
  • Chuck McClenon, Fundraising Scientist, University of Texas at Austin
  • Michael Pawlus, Director of Prospect Development at The Trust for Public Land
  • Marianne Pelletier, Managing Director at Staupell Analytics Group
  • Alison Rane, Associate Consultant, Analytical Solutions at Marts & Lundy
  • Matthew Shaughnessy, Senior Research Analyst at The Sage Colleges

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