Coming Out With #ResearchPride

Click the picture to order!
Click the picture to order!

Did you know that March is #ResearchPride month? It is now! Helen Brown came up with the idea two years ago and this year invited prospect research bloggers and others to share the love and write-out about their #ResearchPride.

How could the Prospect Research Institute resist that siren call? The Institute was born of a desire to advocate on behalf of the profession:

It doesn’t matter what your specialty is – prospect research, relationship management, or fundraising analytics – you support your not-for-profit organization in the pursuit of its mission. Prospect research professionals make a difference in the lives of millions of people globally.

The next time you get a less than complimentary reaction to your profession, consider reacting with #ResearchPride.

When you read a news article that makes us appear “creepy” or compares us to “stalkers”, don’t get angry. Share your #ResearchPride.

Talk about how you impact the fundraising that fuels your organization’s activities. Describe the respect and admiration you have for the individuals, companies, and foundations that willingly give their wealth to the mission.

Share the love! What gives you the most #ResearchPride? Comment on this blog post or the other posts listed below. Share your #ResearchPride on social media.

Click the picture to order!
Click the picture to order!

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